I am interested in creating a sense of visual overload that is as distracting as it is engaging.

These photographic images flirt with ideas of excess and libidinal pleasure while simultaneously calling attention to the sometimes difficult and indeterminable relationship we have to appetite and desire. In this work I am responding to the powerful tug of sexual imagery and its ability to activate the imagination. Pictures of sex seem to have an ability to undercut ethical boundaries drawing everyone into its path by the very nature of our biological drives. I am envious of imagery so overwhelmingly interesting it appears to gather attention with out even trying! Having decided that it is simply not a fair playing field my response was to tease this force I am so covetous of till its no longer a threat.

In making this work I tried to situate it in such away that it could be seen to be snuggling up somewhere between Hard Edge optically influenced painters such as Ellsworth Kelly and Bridget Riley while whetting the appetite with a detour past the world of Larry Flint and eventually plopping down in front of a Saturday morning cartoon show devouring gobs of sweets while Darwin watches.